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Security Shield 2010 Offers a Complete Internet Security Suite
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8 September 2010

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It has already been proved time and again, significance of the internet facility that is an extremely fruitful resource for all kinds of people, belonging to diverse social and professional sectors that need the web facility for varied purposes. Despite the limitless benefits and advantages, the internet network is not free from its share of perils that make it quite a dangerous place to be for innocent IPs that are targeted by vicious Viruses and malware that try all means to corrupt the network and infest it with dreadful mediums that wreak havoc on the system drive and damage the network in the process. There are numerous antivirus utilities existing in the web arcade and amongst those, Security Shield 2010 is an application that carefully shields the system network and protects it against any malevolent elements.

Security Shield 2010 opens with a neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the left pane and consists of tabs that provide scanning facilities and updates along with support for critical areas that need extra care. The Triple Threat Protection feature of the application provides a special set of technologies that provide all round protection against threats like identity theft, data leakage and any other internet problem. The huge volume of the application guards the system and offers new techniques to do so and the feature of automated hourly Anti-malware updates make it easy to detect viruses and spyware. Another feature of Intelligent Proactive Heuristics can destroy any malware attack within seconds and also checks for any malicious behavior without posing any harm to the system.

To conclude, Security Shield 2010 certainly proves to be constructive utility that is a must for every computer owner currently and hence gets a rating of four and half point for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Security Shield 2010 gives you the best protection available today. Our Triple Threat Protection is a unique set of technologies that protect against identity theft, confidential data leakage and all Internet threats. Add privacy and parental controls, an integrated firewall, a new and improved interface and much, much more!
Powered by Kaspersky Labs technology, Security Shield 2010 has defended against more than 80,000 malicious Internet attacks - more than 200 a day. The volume is unprecedented. To guard against these threats, Security Shield 2010 now offers Triple Threat Protection - unique technologies that protect against identity theft, confidential data leakage and all Internet threats.
Automated Hourly Anti-Malware Updates
Independent tests show Kaspersky is #1 for detecting viruses and spyware. Our Internet Security Lab is world renowned for the fastest response to Internet threats - less than two hours once a threat is discovered. Combined with our standard hourly updates, you're only minutes away from the latest protection directly from the Lab!
Intelligent Proactive Heuristics
Zero-day exploits can attack and destroy in seconds. Kaspersky runs all files that don't match our signature database in a safe, isolated section to check for malicious behavior. This failsafe method checks the code without endangering your computer.
Real-Time Behavior Analysis
Kaspersky prevents infections by monitoring your computer for any malicious behavior. If detected, Kaspersky immediately alerts you and rolls back any malicious changes, including restoring files encrypted by ransomware.
Security Shield 2010
Security Shield 2010
Version 13.0.17
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